Aren’t You Glad Moving Isn’t This Hard Anymore?

(Note:  This post originally appeared in April 2010 in my previous Blogger blog.)

Recently, I ordered and received a batch of old pictures from the Missouri Historical Society.  All were taken by Mr. George A. Warren, a photographer for the US Army Corps of Engineers from 1907-1918.  The Society notes that these photos were created from original glass plate negatives loaned to them by Mr. Warren’s descendants.  Bless their hearts!  Truly, how forward-thinking and unselfish of them to share these images. 

The caption on the copy of this photograph is: “Moving the Warren Family House. Grandma Warren and Children sitting on porch.” See the ladder? Can you even imagine doing all this work? I give Grandma a great big hand for climbing up there! Moving the whole house saved all the packing, I guess!  This home is (was?)  in the Old Jamestown area, Down By The River (thank you, Neil Young).

This one is, of course, the first I’m sharing.  Mr. Warren took a number of photographs along the Missouri River here in the Old Jamestown Area.  I wish some were marked with more specificity, but they are great fun if you like old things. 

Oh, by the way, here is Grandma Warren’s house after it was moved.  The thing that strikes me about this picture is how the Coca-Cola logo is so unchanged . . . after 100 years, more or less.  Can you see the sign on the porch, or no?   Anyhow, this picture’s caption is:  “Grandma Warren’s House (George A. Warren Residence) after move/Shows Grandma’s Store and Lucky Boy’s (dogs) pen on right.”

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Is Your Kitchen Ready to Sell?

From “The Woman’s Library:  How to Prepare and Serve a Meal, and Interior Decoration,” by Lillian B. Lansdown (Social Culture Publications, New York, 1922): 

The Kitchen — Rooms which are strictly utilitarian more or less escape decorative control.  The kitchen, aside from the elements of proportion in arrangement of its furnishings, is not properly a room for decoration.  A cheerful, color, plenty of light — a practical essential — and practical arrangement of its furniture and equipment are of more importance than the decorative element.  Neatness, color harmony and a restful eye effect should be obtained.  This applies as well to the butler’s pantry.  The Pantry and kitchen should always be shut off from the dining room, so that the latter’s decorative values are not affected by them. (p. 56)



Of course we all now consider the kitchen to be the heart of the home (a sentiment that’s changed over the course of the past nine decades!!). 

How does yours shape up?  Short of a full remodel, there are things you can do to make it more appealing to a buyer.

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