Scavenger Hunt: St. Louis to Gulf of Mexico!

Going to Gulf Shores, AL, this summer? How about Destin, F-L-A? Well, this might (might) break the monotony of the drive down Highway 55 and through Elvisland. I put this together a few years ago for my daughter and a friend who were going to Alabama. They were just 16ish, so that will explain the ‘job application’ item and the possibility that they may not have known the first item for Tennessee.

The White Trash Cookbook played a part in this, too, because we had found a copy of this forgotten favorite at a thrift store for $.50 or so, and had fun looking through it. Anyone remember this mid-1980s gem? Where many recipes start with ‘fry down the meat’?!!

White Trash Cooking

I wonder if she got any royalties for gracing the cover (bless her heart)?

Here it is! Hope you like it:

Download (PDF, 195KB)


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