STL City Home Rises Over Four Thousand Percent in Value!

…….But it took 114 years.

Here’s a fun advertisement I found while doing some otherwise unrelated historical research (the real estate ads distracted me):

4156 Castleman 1900 5200

(St. Louis Republic, June 10, 1900; $5,200)

4156 Castleman in more recent listing

(St. Louis MLS, ca. 2014; $219,900)

STL Republican June 10 1900 interest rates







If the original buyer of that home got a loan, they probably paid more interest than a buyer today would, 115 years later!

One more interesting clip:

worlds fair lots












Granitoid Walks?  Telford Streets?  What do these terms mean?  Anyone?

If you have any SERIOUS real estate questions, please give me a call!


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