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Yes, These Are Actual Marketing Remarks in the STL MLS!!!

I won’t identify them by property to protect, well, me from any retribution by the writers of these comments.  Smile 

Some are actually amusing.  Some are just confusing.  And some may be the result of boozing?!???  They were all eye-catching, for whatever reason, and that could just boil down to some good marketing – whatever it takes to draw attention to one’s listings.  They amused me, though.  I hope they amuse you, too.

Take a look: 


FIRE SALE .. the old homesite and Mobile burnt but the small outbuildings & water well are still there on this fabulous 40 Acres in the Ozarkian wilderness. National Forest Land is within a 1/2 mile from this location and there is tons of it. The Courtois Creek, Huzzah and Shoal Creek meander thru the Berryman area like Yogi’s backyard! Time has stood still here, waiting for you to really see the Moon at night and hear those Crickets. Warning …. Killer Deer are waiting for your aim and the turkey, leave behind ? marks all over, those pesty creatures. Just off the Black top by feet this property is wooded except for the cleared area around the old homesite and the old pasture land which just brings those creatures back. This historical hometown has many reason to live here but if you just want to say piss off to the rest of the world, it can be done! HEY HANSEL, GET YOUR SISTER GRETEL, THAR’S A CONTRY TAIL FOR YOUR STORY TO BEGIN.


I will tell you that ‘pi$$ off’ is NOT an often used marketing term where real estate is concerned.


2.  PRAYING FOR A REAL LIFE SABBATICAL??? wash away your day on 9+ Acres overlooking the Meramec River one of the boundaries of your fabulous Historical home. Hear the prayers of the rested Preist of the past, walking the wonderful wood plank style floors shining as a backdrop to 2 colorful stain glassed windows or toast those toes by the 2 stone huge fireplaces. Morning room, 2 Foyer, entry door big enough for a Green Giant. Huge shop host concrete floors, electric and huge bay doors + there is an attached oversized mostly finished garage with walk-up storage area accessed bya breezeway to the home. Rotunda or Gazebo sets the stage for the lush landscape/hardscape meandering thru the well groomed grounds. Banks of windows, even the bathrooms, give way to breathtaking views capature a mile of Ozarkian farmland & bottomfields. This is as custom as it gets. Beautiful Inca Stone tile, faux stone ceramic and upper end appliances stay. Sellers have worked endless & you benefit!


Do you think they’re trying to tell us this place is haunted by priests?  Commas are just so unnecessary these days, I guess.



I am only cutting and pasting……


4.  This sweet old farmhouse is the heart of life. A wrap around covered deck so your clan eyes the herd huddled in high hay. Giddy-up ride your private horse trails. Reaching for a; Corporate Retreat? Separate all your associates in beds & enjoy brain storming in the country.



That’s all for now!


Happy Real Estating!



To Photoshop or Not To Photoshop Real Estate Pictures?

Our photos need to tell a story.  They need to be good enough to get people in to see listings.  This is a huge part of our service as listing agents!!!  We MUST do a good job on the pictures!  This helps sell homes. 

Everyone edits his/her listing photos.  They may need to be cropped, lightened, straightened, etc.

But there seems to be a trend toward major filter application / Photoshop action-type applications.

Here is the most recent example I have spotted in the St. Louis MLS:

Sample Enhanced picture

Does that look anything like a real house?  Or does it look like a watercolor rendering of the home?  It sort of looks like it was plucked from the cartoon-ish RE/MAX header I switched to for my blog header, above!  Sure looks like a pretty house — I love the gingerbread façade. 

Here’s how it looks on Google Street View:

Sample Google Street View

I know, I know:  The Google car came by on a dreary winter day, and the landscaping had not yet been done, etc.

But at what point are Realtors doing a GREAT JOB of photographing their listings (or having them done professionally) v. misrepresenting what is there?  There is nothing wrong with crisp, beautiful home photos.  The photography part of this job can be fun, actually.  But at what point have we crossed the line?  With this beautiful but certainly edited photo?

Photoshopped Picture

Nah, that probably crosses no lines.  It is, perhaps, a ‘saltwater tank’ version of reality, but there’s likely no fibbing here.

Or how about this comparison – the first one is from the current listing, which is under contract, and has shopped / action-applied photos, and the expired listing photo is the second one, which didn’t sell, and appears to be a picture straight from the camera:

Kitchen Shopped                           Kitchen Not Shopped


A guilty pleasure of mine is Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing LA.   An agent on the New York version of the show ran into some hot water a few months ago by posting a Photoshop remodel of one of his listings on the local MLS.  For his shenanigans, he’s being investigated by the New York Department of State (click here to read more).    I don’t think what the agent for the watercolor listing above has done is equal to showing a house with hardwood floors when it actually has carpeting, but there still seems to be a disconnect.

What do you think? 

Happy Real Estating!



BYO Helicopter (and $12.5 million) ~ The Most Expensive Listing on the Mid America Regional Information System (the “MLS”)!





Haven’t you always wondered what the most expensive home FOR SALE in the Mid Missouri area might be?  Well, there you have it.  It’s a former Anheuser-Busch meeting venue with a helipad and accommodations for up to 75 people.  Talk about your Lake Party House!  Whew!


But what is the most expensive home that has SOLD over the past year, you are wondering? It is in the $4 million range, and it is in Ladue. 

I don’t want to be like the BlockShopper people and name names and addresses, but here’s an anonymous-enough picture from the MLS:



The St. Louis Area MLS has plenty of Million Dollar Homes.  

Over the past year, 143 have sold in the price range of $1,000,000-$1,999,999.  Here’s a map showing the concentrations of such sales:


Million Dollar Home Map


But when you climb over the $2,000,000 range, we only had 16 MLS-recorded sales.  Here’s the mapped locales of these few area sales:


Two Million Dollar Plus Map


Ladue, Town & Country, Huntleigh, Frontenac . . . this is where we expect to see these kinds of upper-end sales.


I think it’s fun to take a look at the data that is available on the MLS, as you’ll see in my previous post regarding Antebellum Homes on the MLS.  Of course our homes are our castles, no matter the price, size or age!


Happy Real Estating, everyone!




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