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Local MLS Listing Photos Styled After Set of The Walking Dead

I’ve posted before about interior pictures we see on the MLS.  You can read the Photoshopping post here, and see those photos.

These are different.

Trending lately for some listings is the design style of “The Walking Dead,” AMC’s hit show.  Of course, these kitchens are completely destroyed by humans in search of food in the apocalypse, or by the zombies, who just aren’t the most graceful or neat of creatures.

Here’s the model, Carl’s pudding kitchen, spurring the craze:


carl pudding

Note:  This would be a no-no for our MLS.  The rules prohibit depiction of people or animals (or zombies?) in listing photographs.  Carl would have to go.

Here are a few interpretations of the model, as seen on the St. Louis MLS.  How do you think they compare?


ripped kitchen

kitchen mess

messy kitchen

another kitchen














Please know that I am not poking fun at any of these homes, or of the sellers of the homes.  BUT:  Why, agents, why post pictures like these?  Why?

By the way, do you watch The Walking Dead?  I can’t believe I have become a fan.  Seriously:  Zombies?  I mean Walkers?  What’s wrong with me?

I have searched for reasons to explain why the show is so appealing, and I *think* I have a possible answer.  Really, the plot of each episode touches all of the story-telling elements we learned in Junior High (middle school for the more recently born):  Man v. Man (check); Man v. Nature (check, if zombies walkers are natural); and Man v. Himself.  How would we all behave and carry on if the world becomes the Zombie Apocalypse (substitute any crisis, really, for “Zombie Apocalypse”)?  How bad would we all smell if we wore the same clothes for four or five seasons?

For these reasons, I’ve decided it is okay to watch and enjoy the show.  Plus, my [big] kids watch it.

Next Up:  The Walking Dead Decorators:  The Master Bath Episode



Where is my crossbow?



Because KATY Isn’t the Only Trail in St. Charles County!

It’s cold in STL.  I could go to sleep every night at 7 PM.  And winter has only just begun.  BLAH!

A friend acknowledged this Winter Human Hibernation phenomenon and shared a Facebook link highlighting other cultures’ celebration of nature.  It was her reminder to get outside, even in the cold months.  The article mentioned the Norwegian concept of Friluftsliv (it’s good for mind and spirit to be in nature), Japan’s Shinrin-yoku (“forest bathing,” which is about plant pheromones rather than taking a bath), and the Vikings’ Danes’ concept of Hygge, which involves sitting around a fire and drinking warm alcoholic beverages. Little wonder the Danes are the happy people of the world!

Since we are promised a January thaw this weekend, here are the OTHER trails of St. Charles County to help you achieve Friluftsliv and Shinrin-yoku, after which perhaps you can Hygge:

Download (PDF, 2.24MB)