This is Not Public Property! Oops! (reprise)

Around the Old Jamestown area, we know this place, right? Great, photogenic old barn (especially for someone skilled with a camera — i.e., not me). Every now and then I see people walking around, taking pictures of this relic. There are not a large number of these guys left around here anymore.


Especially not a lot of sites like this remain with so many outbuildings in tact (somewhat in tact, anyhow). What DID they use all these buildings for, I wonder?




I enjoy seeing this little hunk of the past, though. It’s weathered, picturesque, full of character and hints of — well, TWO centuries ago now! Looks like a cabin someone named Jedidiah would call home, doesn’t it?




Enjoying the view from the car really is all I should have done. The owners clearly have posted “Private Property” on the side of the barn. Either I didn’t see that sign, or it didn’t register immediately. I had thought this property belonged to St. Louis County, as part of Sioux Passage Park. I WAS WRONG! IT IS PRIVATELY OWNED.

 If the owners ever read this post, please know I am sorry for trespassing! Thank you for not tearing down this homestead! It’s a treasure!

 (Thanks, too, for not calling the police!)


(originally posted 1/14/2010 on previous blog.  10/2011:  Per Bev Girardier, Old Jamestown Area Historian, we now know the sagging roof on the main house is because the rafters were crafted with *saplings* and not hewn lumber.  Makes it all the more amazing the place remains standing.  Probable year built:  1850.  We may at some point need to campaign to save these structures.  More to follow, if so.)

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